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Learn More About Me as an Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about my spiritual music, events, and more nationwide, browse through my answers to some frequently asked questions. To send your own questions, email me at [email protected]

Q: How did you come up with the name La La Musiq? 

A: My name is Lakeitria and I live and breath music so I combined the two to create La La Musiq. I spelled it with a "Q" because I am Set Apart (Qadash in the Hebrew).

Q: Why did you title your first album "Set Apart"?

A: This album embodies me living a righteous life and my music is different from the rest because it's modern, global, and most importantly infused with the Holy Scriptures.

Q: Did you write any of the songs on your album "Set Apart"?

A: Yes, I wrote the entire album using the word of Yah as my inspiration.

Q: Why did you title your sophomore album "The Awakening"?

A: I wanted this album to show my growth spiritually through knowing my culture, heritage, and the name of The Most High.

Q: Did you write any of the songs on your album "The Awakening"?

A: Yes, I wrote the entire album letting the holy spirit guide me. Also through prayer and obedience, I was given every song title by The Most High!

Q: What do you want people to know about you?

A: I am a humble servant of The Most High using my gifts to glorify him and spread his word through song.

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