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Watch Behind the Scenes Footage of My Performances


As La La Musiq based in Dallas, Texas, I have had the privilege of performing different gospel and worship songs nationwide. Learn more about the events I sing at by watching my videos and subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

Upcoming Events

Tried By Fire Concert hosted by Script Gang and Affiliates, Fort Worth, TX (6/17/22)

"Sistar" music video shoot with Zemira Israel & La La Musiq produced by Bez LLC., Forth Worth, TX (4/3/22)

Brew Bash Concert hosted by Yehudi Gang, Fort Worth, TX (4/2/22)

Chosen Few Radio Show Interview, Dallas, TX (3/21/22)

"I Won't Complain" music video shoot produced RobArt Productions, Dallas, TX  (3/20/22)

Hebraic Faith TV Interview, Houston, TX (3/15/22)

"His Love" music video shoot produced by Atmozphere Productions, Canton, TX (3/13/22)

Truth Music Radio Interview, London, UK (3/10/22)

Source Debate League Interview, Oklahoma City, Ok (3/8/22)

 The Dixon's Wedding Live Performance Dallas, TX (3/6/22)

Further Future Festival Concert hosted by Sessions Live (2/22/22)

WONI Music Radio Show Interview, Dallas, TX (2/9/22)

"When We Are Together" music video shoot produced by Atmozphere Productions, Dallas, TX (2/5/22)

The 16th Annual Hebrew Summit Concert, Dallas, TX (2/5/22)

Western Views Radio Show Interview,  Innsbruck, Austria (1/23/22)

A-List Studios Live Performance, Dallas, TX (1/16/22)

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